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Brief Introduction

Shree Mangalam Society for Education and Women Empowerment is an Uttarakhand based NGO registered under Society Registration Act 1860 and is functioning under Miss Mona Randhawa. The organization came into existence on May 2015, covering the communities in 6 districts of Uttarakhand. The Organization is currently running a coaching program  for the underprivileged children and Women Empowerment program in order to fill the gap of access to quality education by providing them additional assistance in studies as well as improving their life skills by involving them into vocational courses and counseling.

Empowering women and educating students is our core goal, but we also aim at promoting our cultural heritage and values. Also working towards conservation of our environment , we believe that a country can only succeed if our mind, body, soul and our environment are healthy.

Our Inspiration


Mata Mangla Ji


Shree Bhole Ji Maharaj

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to embrace the needs of the Children and women by providing support and assistance in whatever capacity needed. Each Individual who would be a part of our project represents hope, change and a better future for generations to come.

Our Mission is "To empower and educate the underprivileged students and women to discover their underlying strengths and make a difference".

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Our Team


Mona Randhawa

(President / CEO)






Varnit Jain

( CA)


Gaurav Vindola

( Project co- ordinator)


 Shailly Sharma




Jyoti Kumar







(PART TIME Teacher)








Annual Report

    SHREE MANGALAM SOCIETY FOR EDUCATION AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is an Uttarakhand based organisation which at their end trying to help kids of underprivileged society by providing education, health care and guidance to choose their career as per their interest and talent. We have understood well enough that a child alone cannot be educated until and unless the whole family is educated. By this difference can be made to the whole society. This year SHREE MANGALAM started its 2 centres in Dehradun and Rishikesh and reached around  to 500 students . Two programs are running under project PEHCHAAN where women are learning Spoken English and are preparing School Sweaters for the under privileged Students.

    As it is well stated that there is no tool for development more effective than empowering a women as she is the one who brings about the change in the community.

Hearty thanks to everyone who helped us to complete our first year successfully. We are now more committed in bring our vision to reality. As it is well said "The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change".

Annual Report 2017

 A Child's life is like a piece of paper as you all know we at Shree Mangalam are trying best to do little by teaching migratory, street children. These migratory kids are those children whose parents are laborers as they keep moving from one building to another & as a result they have never kept foot in the school.

Our after school program with government school children is also doing well as relevant education & guidance provided to get meaningful vocations. This will bring valuable change not only for community but also for the generations to come. Under one women empowerment program a tailoring class for the ladies was conducted for almost 9 months,where now many women have set up there own small shops & are earning there livelihood. Many health & hygiene seminar were conducted for creating awareness among women & girls.

We like to that all our supporters & donors on the behalf of the kids & women by showing faith in us.

As said by Hellen Keller ""Alone we can do so little.".
Together we can do so much.